Villa Sovietica. Exhibition catalogue

Villa Sovietica. Soviet Objects

Villa Sovietica. Soviet Objects: Import-Export

SCHÜSSLER, Alexandra (ed.). 2009. Photography by Willem Mes and Johnathan Watts. Exhibition catalogue. Gollion: Infolio éditions / Genève: Musée d'ethnographie de Genève. 240 pages, 110 colour ill.
N° ISBN 978-2-88474-176-7.
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Villa Sovietica introduces us to the material culture of everyday life in Soviet countries. After a visual essay – exploring various contexts in which ordinary Soviet objects appear – thirteen authors from different disciplines and academic traditions in the post-Soviet and Western worlds compare their points of view on aspects of materiality and spatiality, East-West relations, the history of the Soviet artefact, photography, memory and collecting, finally emphasising the complementarity between anthropology and art.

Table of content

Yuriy said... Alexandra skazala
Alexandra Schüssler

Import-Export: visual essay
Willem Mes, Johnathan Watts et al.

Soviet spatiality: contrasting impressions
Irène Hermann with the collaboration of Berthold Unfried

Touched by things
Maartje Hoogstyn

Ironic [N]ostalgia or the Aesthetics of Survival
Franziska Jentsch

In addition to a History of soviet Artefact
Mitya Kozlov

The right to Cheburashka
Polina Ermakova and Andrey Rossomakhin

Why the socialist States failed in respect of Design
Harry Lehmann / Wolfgang Ullrich

Chaos Collectors: Collecting Soviet-Style
Alexandre Kulyapin and Olga Skubach

The Object of an Object: Photography
Nicolas Crispini

Engaging the Object, Exhibiting the Past
Alyssa Grossman

The other Side of Objectivity: Art and Correspondence in Ethnographic Exhibitions
Peter Bjerregaard

Epilogue. From Imaginings to Reflexion
Boris Wastiau