Classification system

The MEG Library's classification system allows documents to be grouped according to their subject matter.

At the beginning of the call number, a code indicates the five geographic distributions. The general section brings together documents that are not specific to a region.


GE General
AF Africa
AM Americas
AS Asia
EU Europe
OC Oceania


The JEU classification is dedicated to children's books because at the end of each section, a choice of books for children is proposed.

OCM classification

The MEG Library uses a classification specific to the disciplines covered by the Museum's missions and called the OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials). The OCM uses a three- or four-digit code that corresponds to subjects. For example, the codes for "Woodworking" and "Dance" are 322 and 535.

How is a shelf number constructed ?

Kongo graphic writing and other narratives of the sign / Bárbaro Martínez-Ruiz

Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2013

Shelf number: AF 212 MAR

AF indicates that the book deals with the geographical region Africa.

212 defines the main subject, i.e. "Writing"

MAR corresponds to the first three letters of the author

A more developed description of the descriptors exists on the page of Human Relations Area Files, an international non-governmental organization specialized in cultural anthropology.