Past exhibitions

The "bateauthèque" at MEG : knowledge in the making

6 March 2021 - 13 June 2021

Artistic installation by Marie van Berchem based on decolonial thought

As part of its strategic reorientation, MEG has undertaken on a decolonial process.

In order to contribute to its reflection and to enable as many people as possible to understand and appropriate these issues, MEG has invited the artist Marie van Berchem to present her installation "La bateauthèque: savoirs en chantier" in the Foyer of the Museum.

This installation is a participatory resource that addresses decolonial, critical, anti-racist, feminist and ecological thinking through the written and spoken word. The artist presents the starting point of her work as follows: "Discovering the story of an ancestor who armed four slave ships in the 18th century transatlantic slave trade, I embarked on a transformative journey with this poetic objective: I am descending from a cumbersome old tree. I am going to take its wood and build a ship".

Marie van Berchem's work thus allows everyone to confront the decolonial question. Created in 2017, the "Bateauthèque" presents in its space a selection of works that can be consulted on site but also, for the most part, borrowed from the MEG library. It will also serve as a venue for a series of conferences to provide insights into the decolonial issue.