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Think of Tatiana a few times

15 January - 12 July 2023

Brûle-encens chinois en émail cloisonné de la dynastie Qing (vers 1800)

Sound and scent installation at the Tatyana Zoubov Museum. Public visits on Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 5pm. Visits for children on Wednesdays at 3:30pm (according to the calendar).

At the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Countess Tatiana Zoubov (1923-1957), the Tatiana Zoubov Museum, in collaboration with the Ethnography Museum of Geneva, welcomes visitors around a sound and olfactory installation created by the Geneva artist André Tramoni.

Inspired by the decoration and staging of this exceptional apartment, the jewel box of the collection bequeathed by Countess Rosario Zoubov to the State of Geneva, the artist has combined extracts from the MEG's sound archives with the scent of an original perfume. Following the handwritten request "think of Tatiana a few times †" left by Rosario Zoubov, on the only photograph depicting her in the company of her daughter, he invites us to celebrate the memory of the departed child while paying homage to one of the most beautiful objects in the collection, a Chinese bulkhead enamel incense burner from the Qing Dynasty (circa 1800).

Through his multi-sensory approach, André Tramoni highlights the richness of the collection. Echoing the decorative atmospheres of the salons, the synesthesia he suggests resonates in this little-known place where the State of Geneva receives its distinguished guests.

The MEG, by including in this space some of its International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM), offered in continuous listening from the "Chinese lounge" and the "dining room", makes it possible to revive the cosmopolitan spirit of a woman of culture.

The MEG's International Archives of Folk Music is a collection of sound archives dedicated to the musical traditions of the five continents, recorded over more than a hundred years. Created in Geneva in 1944 by the Romanian musicologist and scholar Constantin Brăiloiu (1893-1958), the IAFM preserves approximately 20,000 hours of recordings.

André Tramoni is a Geneva-based artist, composer, narrator and multi-disciplinary ambience artist.
Through his polysensory scenographies, he sublimates places and opens them to new perceptions, transforming the visitors' relationship to the event. He is a member of Brăiloiu's gang (committee for the enhancement of the MEG's AIMP) within which his artistic proposal of a collaboration between the MEG and the Tatiana Zoubov Museum was born.
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