MEG X Everybody's perfect : short movies for kids

Sunday 16 October 2022, 11:00

Image du film Kapaemahu avec deux personnages communiquant

Decolonisation, gender and sustainability: animated films for children that address these three important and current societal issues. Auditorium. Sunday 16 October from 11am to 12pm.

MEG's Sunday Films continue to focus on three essential and topical themes: decolonisation, gender and sustainability. Documentary, fiction and animation films addressing these themes will be screened free of charge in the Museum's Auditorium on several Sundays each month.

Once a month, there will be a special children's programme as part of the Ciné-dimanches Kids.

Everybody's perfect, Geneva's queer film festival, which takes place from 18 to 27 November, has concocted a series of short films for the MEG that address gender issues... from a child's perspective!


  • How was your day? : All people are either pink or blue. But what happens when you are neither colour?
  • Purpleboy : Mysteriously, Grão is born in the garden, emerging from the ground like a plant. For his mother, he is a boy, for his father, he is a girl. And for Grão? An extraordinary adventure will give him the answer. A fantastic tale with a tempestuous aesthetic.
  • Kapaemahu: What is the origin of four mysterious rocks and the legendary transgender spirit that inhabits them? A haunting pictorial drawing and a voice in Hawaiian dialect reveal this mystery. My boy: Two children play with their mother in the family garden. But when the boy puts on the costume of the Magic Girl, things go wrong... A fantastic tale with a happy ending!
  • Féeroce: "I want to dress up as a fairy to go to school, Mummy!", when Simon says this to his mother, she is petrified. She tells her neighbour and the whole building gets involved, under Simon's incredulous eyes... A comedy in crescendo, irresistible!
  • Happy Valentine's Day: An irresistible coming-out!
  • In nature: In nature, a couple is a male and a female. A wonderful "scientific" approach to the question.

Films in French only.

After the screening, the MEG Café will be happy to welcome you for a family brunch.Please reserve directly with the MEG Café: 022/418 90 86.Subject to availability.
Important : Please note that the cinema ticket does not include the brunch.

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