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Thematic tour "Sensitive objects? Establishing dialogue in the permanent display"

Sunday 17 March, 14:30

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Visit of the permanent exhibition. Sunday 17 March at 2:30 pm. In French only

What is a sensitive object? What are the issues involved in exhibiting so-called "sensitive" objects? For many years now, indigenous peoples and local communities have been demanding that sensitive objects should no longer be exhibited in museums without their consent.
From the definition of a sensitive object to the dialogues that are taking place between MEG and representatives of the source communities, this tour invites you to take a closer look at a selection of objects in the permanent exhibition. Whether these objects are exhibited, withdrawn or returned, this tour is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of what is currently at stake in the MEG's collections.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 29.02.2024

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