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Colonial collections: meeting with Claire Brizon

Thursday 12 October 2023, 12:15

Portrait de Claire Brizon

Meeting with Claire Brizon on the occasion of the release of her latest book. Library. Thursday 12 October 2023 at 12:15 pm. In French only

On the occasion of the publication of her latest book, "Collections coloniales: à l'origine des fonds anciens non européens dans les musées suisses", published by Seismo in the collection "Présent et histoire", Claire Brizon talks to Floriane Morin.
Through the study of the provenance of old collections, preserved in Swiss heritage institutions and collected from the 17th century onwards, Claire Brizon shows that most of them were collected in colonial contexts. The book, based on a material study of objects and natural specimens combined with archives and images, most of which have never been published before, provides new information on the history of non-European collections in Switzerland and also situates this history in the context of current issues: restitution, co-documentation and co-responsibility.
Speakers Claire Brizon, art historian and museologist; Floriane Morin, curator Africa at MEG
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