Closing event: A dive into the songs of lament, wakes and funerals

Friday 15 December 2023, 12:30

Femme pleureuse italienne

The end of the research residency led by director Juliette Kempf and her artistic team, in preparation for the "L'Enveillée" project. Music lounge. Friday 15 December, 12.30pm.

L'Enveillée is an artistic investigation into death, its songs and rituals, leading to the creation of a theatrical performance. As part of their research prior to rehearsals, the team comprising the director and five actors and singers decided to delve into the MEG's International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM) to discover the songs and music that accompany or have accompanied death around the world. "Our aim is to see how this material, which bears witness to a multiple reality, resonates with the singularity of our poetic quest, its sensitivity and its intention; how it nourishes it, guides it, perhaps even upsets it. And how the voices of today's artists meet the voices of yesterday. Throughout the residency, we'll be singing and singing ourselves, as we come into contact with the songs and words of so many places and mysteries, depending on what this encounter provokes.We invite you to open up to this week of immersion, in its state as a living laboratory. It's a sharing of our research and discoveries, of the sound archives that have made the greatest impression on us, and of our first vocal explorations that have sprung from this journey".

With: Clara Pertuy, Roxane Palazzotto, Carole Verhaeghe, Sylvain Manet and Victor Parente
Designed and directed by Juliette KempfProduced by Le Désert en Ville, based in Nantes
Free admission.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 20.11.2023
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