Interspecies communication : performance de Julie Semoroz, Fabio Bergamaschi and Joseph Simon

17 and 18 November 2023

Les deux artistes durant leur performance

Performance by Julie Semoroz, Fabio Bergamaschi and Joseph Simon. MEG garden. Friday November 17, 2023 and Saturday November 18, 2023 at 12:30PM and 6PM.

As part of the 'In Between' exhibition by artist Julie Semoroz at the Salle d'Exposition de l'Université, and echoing the MEG's temporary exhibition "Being(s) together", the "Interspecies communication" performance will take place in the MEG garden, under the museum's forecourt, on Friday November 17 and saturday November 18 at 12.30pm and 6pm.

Interspecies communication is a chapter of DOUZE MILLE VINGT, a project conceptualising a utopian landscape in which non verbal communication between species would prevail. The global project includes an exhibition, concerts, performances and workshops.

Based on the artist’s recurrent research, TWELVE THOUSAND TWENTY is part of an ongoing work process on sound frequencies and their field of application. Between dance and happening, Interspecies communicationembodies a form of non-verbal communication: movement, gaze and breath unite the performers in an intense communion, drawing the audience into their inner resonance

Duration: 18 mins.
Free performance, free admission.
Accessible to non-French speakers.

Artists biographies :
Julie Semoroz : Julie Semoroz's political posture in itself proposes a misalignment with post-industrial society and the capitalist system. She proposes views and provokes reflection on urban space, ecology, utopia, living together with an anthropological approach mixed with art. She works on the invisible and researches information, non-verbal communication and sound frequencies in collaboration with neuroscientists.
She experiments with noise-like and experimental sound forms. Voice and field recordings are the founding elements of her research. She sets up heterogeneous and multiple projects, solos, collaborations and collectives in art spaces, theaters or public spaces. She develops performances involving visual art, sound, dance or installation.
In 2020, she received an award from the Swiss National Science Foundation in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA) at the University of Geneva for her project TWELVE THOUSAND TWENTY. In 2021 and 2022, she received three grants from the city and state of Geneva for her research with CISA and the NCCR Evolving Language. She is regularly supported by the State of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.
She performed in Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, UK, Denmark, Russia, China, Chili, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia...

Fabio Bergamaschi : He studied classical, modern and contemporary dance, contact dance and improvisation at the Atelier de Danse-Théâtre de Milan at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Italy. Winner of a scholarship, he then joined the Specialisation School for Dancers, coordinated by the Art/Aterballetto Dance Company in Reggio Emilia (IT). From 2002 to 2016, he worked as a choreographic assistant with the Alias Company, where he was one of the principal performers. He has worked with numerous choreographers, companies, operas and festivals in Switzerland and Europe, including Cie Sam-Hester/Perrine Valli, Estuaire Cie/Nathalie Tacchella, Jerrycan Cie, Sundora & Dgendu/ Dorota Lecka and Gérald Durand, 3art3 Company/Daniel Hellmann, Prototype Status, Yan Duyvendak Cie/Yan Duyvendak, Ensemble Vortex, MadOk Cie/Madeleine Piguet, Festival Antigel/Dance Director Prisca Harsch, Opéra de Lausanne and Opéra de Genève

Joseph Simon: He began his career in dance through Break and HipHop culture. In 2014 he obtained his Bachelor's degree in contemporary dance at ArtEZ School of Contemporary Dance in the Netherlands. Since then he has worked internationally as a performer, teacher, choreographer and artistic collaborator, based in Rotterdam. Supported by Dansateliers Rotterdam, he has created and performed several choreographies throughout Europe. His work revolves around the blending of classical, house, break and contemporary dance cultures, and touches on issues of identity. Currently, Joseph is a performer in Oona Doherty's creation "Navy Blue" and a regular teacher at Codarts Circus Arts, Rotterdam. He has previously danced for and worked with Erik Kaiel, Hooman Sharifi, Alida Dors, Jochen Heckmann, Jean-Guillaume Weis, Eric Trottier, Christina Liakopoyloy, Jonas Frey and Dalton Jansen.

In collaboration with the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences and the NCCR Evolving Language.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 06.09.2023
Julie Semoroz & Fabio Bergamaschi

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