Workshop: From manuscript register to database: what is a museum inventory?

Thursday 28 September, 16:30

L'image représente la bataille d'Adoua (1896), qui se termina par la victoire des troupes éthiopiennes sur les troupes italiennes mettant fin à la première guerre coloniale italo-éthiopienne.

As a pre-event to GLAMhack23, come and find out more about MEG's historical and digital inventories. MEG's library. Thursday 28 september. 4.30 - 6 pm.

Once a year, the Swiss OpenGLAM Working Group brings together cultural institutions, data providers, software developers, digital humanists, artists, Wikimedians/Wikipedians, and other interested people. The aim of this two-days event is to experiment with and find new ways cultural data and content can be used and repurposed creatively - such as for research purposes, web- and mobile-based apps, Wikipedia, for artistic creations, and so on.
As part of GLAMhack23, MEG has published some of its digital metadata under a Creative Commons licence:
In this workshop, we will talk about what exactly our metadata consist of. We will also discuss some of the issues related to the publication of heritage data: how can the MEG's data be made accessible to as many people as possible, while respecting the intellectual property rights of indigenous communities over the collections?
We will then introduce you to the history of Geneva's ethnographic collections and the various inventories which have kept track of these over the last 200 years. For the occasion, the original handwritten registers, the ancestors of our contemporary database, will be available to you for the duration of the workshop.
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