Inauguration – Vernissage

Launch of the work "Orpheus" by Francisco Meirino in the MEG Sound Gallery.

Friday 22 September 2023, 18:30

Photo du plafond du MEG vue depuis le foyer situé au -1 du musée.

Launch of Francisco Meirino's work in the Sound Gallery. Lobby (-1). Friday 22 September at 6.30pm.

MEG has inaugurated in 2022 a new broadcasting space in the Lobby (level -1), which was transformed into a Sound Gallery. In this space, an octophonic sound system has been installed to broadcast sound compositions based on the MEG's sound archives, the International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM).
The very first work to be broadcast in this space is an octophonic sound installation entitled Climat, created by Amandine Casadamont. Each year a new creation will be proposed and on Friday 22 September 2023 the opening of the work Orpheus by the artist Francisco Meirino will take place.
This work, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, is composed from extracts of recordings from magnetic tapes, vinyl records and DAT cassettes kept in the MEG's sound archives, intermingled with recordings and compositions by the artist. This work is a way of discovering and reviving the MEG's sound archives based on contemporary issues. To mark the launch of this new space dedicated to music and sound, MEG invites the artist Luciano Maggiore.

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