BiblioWeekend 2023: meeting with the Sama (Badjos), mysterious nomads of the sea

Sunday 26 March, 14:00

Couple Sama (Badjos) vivant dans une pirogue

Conference to discover the traditions and values of the Sama (Badjos), an endangered population. Library. Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 2pm. In French only

On the occasion of the BiblioWeekend 2023, a weekend dedicated to libraries throughout Switzerland, whose theme is "Setting Sails", let's discover the Sama (Badjos). This people, whose place of origin remains unknown, has a specific culture. They are scattered over thousands of kilometers along the coasts of Indonesia, the Southern Philippines and Malaysia (more than 800 000 individuals). Most of them are settled in villages on stilts, but some Sama (Badjos) maintain their original way of life quite unique among the peoples of the planet: life in dugouts (leppa). We will discover the traditions and values of this endangered population.
Programme of the day
The library will be exceptionally open this Sunday from 11am to 6pm.
Speaker: François-Robert Zacot, sociologist-ethnologist

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