Meet the ghost net: children's discovery tour

Sunday 2 April 2023, 10:15, 11:15

Mélange de filets de pêche

A unique experience that takes you along with a mysterious ghost net on the ocean currents. Permanent exhibition. Sunday 2 April, 10.15am to 11am, 11.15am to 12pm.

Facing up to the environmental emergency, "Meetings to reflect and act".
A drifting fishing net washes up on a beach lined with rubbish. The net moves... could it be an animal trapped inside? But no... it seems that the net comes to life! It even talks! But what does it have to tell us? Shhh, we won't say more ... come and live with us through dance and sounds this crazy experience of an encounter that will take us to follow the marine currents around the planet and that could, perhaps, make us think and act in the face of the climate crisis.

The result of a unique collaboration between the Geneva-based artist Myriam Boucris of the company Tohu Wa Bohu, the Australian artist Lynnette Griffiths and the MEG, this discovery tour offers you an encounter that evokes the relationship between the islanders of the Torres Strait in Australia and the sea and its inhabitants, and reminds us of our responsibility towards our environment.

The activity is for children aged 2 and over accompanied by an adult.

The activity will take place twice during the day, once from 10.15am to 11am and again from 11.15am to 12pm.

This event takes place on the first Sunday of the month and is therefore free of charge and requires no prior registration.

Through this series of meetings "to think and act" we wish to address with you the issues of the climate emergency through the prism of the specificities of the MEG. By tackling themes such as care, repair, food, clothing, or the transmission of knowledge and know-how, we wish to make the impact that our daily actions can have on the environment perceptible and thus question our relationship with it.
By collaborating with you and people who are active and committed to climate and environmental issues, by interviewing experts, artists, representatives of indigenous peoples, or even craftspeople and creative people, we offer you a programme of activities that provide practical tools for action and reflection, accessible and useful to all.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 09.01.2023
Mélange de filets de pêche

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