Participative performance by the "éCRIs Rebelde" collective.

Sunday 1 October 2023, 14:00

Trois bras devant un masque doré représentant un visage décoré de tissus, fleures et autres offrandes.

A space for dialogue and co-construction around our relationship with the earth. Auditorium. Sunday 1 October, 2pm to 3.30pm.

"La ch'alla" participatory performance by the éCRIs Rebelde collective; Carla Claros Rollano, Ivonne Gonzalez, Valeska Romero Curiqueo.
Join us for an artistic performance by the éCRIs Rebelde collective, in which you will meet "Tia", the central figure in the story who represents "Pacha" (Mother Earth, creator and source of life). In an encounter that combines sound, movement, words and silence, the three artists exchange a series of questions with the audience. Through the construction of sugarpaste objects, the public and artists reflect on the theme of "living together", with all the forms of life that inhabit the planet, in an exercise of projection towards proposals for healthy, respectful and inclusive cohabitation.

This event takes place on the first Sunday of the month, so it's free and there's no need to register beforehand.

Collectif "éCRIs Rebelde " Carla Claros Rollano, Ivonne Gonzalez, Valeska Romero Curiqueo.
We are a collective of migrant artists. Our cross-disciplinary creations reflect the search for a common language for our personal artistic practices: music, dance and performance. Based on personal writings that explore the themes of decolonisation, the silences of a patriarchal society, migration and its selective mechanisms, we create a space for experimentation that allows us to construct a narrative from our experiences, as a collective, in the first person, mixing magic, mysticism and rebellion.

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