Gender and Climate Workshop X Geneva Equality Week

Saturday 2 March, 09:00

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A free workshop in easy-to-understand French on the theme of climate and gender. Auditorium. Saturday, March 2. From 9am to 12am. In French only.

This workshop is for women only (see below). A group of climate experts claim that climate change is mainly due to human activity.
But depending on where we live, our gender and our financial means, we are affected differently by climate change.
In this workshop, we learn why the climate is changing, from a scientific point of view.
We look at how gender issues relate to the climate.
We reflect on the different inequalities.
We come up with actions we can take together.
This workshop is in easy-to-understand French.
In small groups and with kindness.

This event is organised by F-information in partnership with MEG, and takes place as part of the City of Geneva's Equality Week. Registration required:
This workshop is for women only, to provide a safe space for participants to express themselves more freely, talk about shared experiences and be better understood. A women-only workshop is a means to greater equality and gender diversity, not an end in itself. It's a necessary step before women feel legitimate or confident enough to join the gender mix.

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Olga Fabrizio

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