A walk through the trees: taking your eyes higher

Sunday 21 August, 14:00

Photographie d'un arbre au parc des Bastions

Walk from the Marronnier de la Treille to the MEG led by Robert Perroulaz, dendrologist (tree specialist) and a cultural mediator of the MEG, on Sunday 21 August, from 2 to 3:30 pm.

Did you come across a tree this morning? This walk through the trees invites you to stroll through the urban space, stopping at the foot of these majestic presences to discover the stories they can tell us from their trunks to their tops.
In response to the MEG's temporary exhibition which addresses the theme of climate change from the perspective of indigenous peoples, this walk invites you to rediscover the trees present in the city by crossing the gaze of a specialist of trees in Geneva with that of the MEG. An opportunity to take a new look at the trees that we see every day in the streets of our cities without really knowing them.
Meeting point: Rampe de la Treille, old town of Geneva

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 12.08.2022
Arbre au Parc des Bastions, © Ville de Genève - Manuel Faustino

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