Cycle of conferences: Presentation of the book « La Mélodie du monde ».

Wednesday 13 December 2023, 16:30

Joseph, chef des Indiens Nez-Percés, rencontre l'ethnologue américaine Alice Cunningham Fletcher en 1899 près de Lapwai, Idaho, U.S.A.

Conference of the Master of ethnomusicology. Presented by Isabelle Kalinowski, Director of Research at CNRS. Auditorium. Wednesday 13 December at 4.30pm.

Isabelle Kalinowski will be presenting her book « La Mélodie du monde » , published by Editions de la Philharmonie in spring 2023. Between Berlin and New York, around 1900, a new interest in music from outside Europe gave rise to what was not yet called ethnomusicology. For anthropologist Franz Boas and philosopher Carl Stumpf, the visit of a troupe of Amerindian dancer-musicians to Germany was an opportunity to shake up the obvious. How can we 'hear' what we have never heard before without projecting onto it what we already know? In their wake, musicologists (Erich von Hornbostel) and later sociologists (Georg Simmel, Max Weber) drew on research into acoustics and perception to refine their understanding of the rhythms and melodies of the world. At a time when different sciences were joining forces, the persistence of colonial schemes and brutal hierarchies coexisted with a singular thirst for thought experimentation, in contact with unheard-of music.
Isabelle Kalinowski is a Germanist, director of research at CNRS and director of the Pays germaniques laboratory at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris).

Future dates to be confirmed.

This conference is open to French-speaking audiences only.

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