Sunday Movie : Life of Pi

Sunday 22 October 2023, 16:00

Affiche du film avec un enfant sur une barque et un tigre en arrière-fond

Rethinking the living world and communicating with plants and animals: a series of films based around the "Être(s) ensemble" exhibition. Auditorium. Sunday 22 October at 4pm.

To coincide with the temporary exhibition "Être(s) ensemble" (Being together), which runs until 7 January 2024, a series of films will be on show until December 2023 to help you rethink the living world.

After a childhood spent in Pondicherry, India, 17-year-old Pi Patel sets sail with his family for Canada, where a new life awaits him. But his destiny is turned upside down when his cargo ship sinks spectacularly at sea. He finds himself the only survivor aboard a lifeboat. Alone, or almost... Richard Parker, the splendid and ferocious Bengal tiger, is also on board. The survival instinct of the two shipwrecked men will take them on an extraordinary odyssey, during which Pi will have to develop his ingenuity and show unsuspected courage to survive this incredible adventure.


Movie available from 10 years.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 31.08.2023
L'odyssée de Pi

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