Organic Yoga - Connecting to yourself and to nature

Saturday 6 August, 09:30

Femme en posture de yoga dans le bâtiment du Musée

A yoga session to rethink our relationship with nature while promoting our well-being. Permanent exhibition. Saturday 6 August at 9.30 am.

Generally speaking, yoga, from the Sanskrit word for "union", consists of linking the mind, body and soul, thanks in particular to a series of physical, spiritual, mental and breathing exercises and practices. Beyond this inner work, yoga is also about developing a more harmonious and respectful interaction with nature and other beings.

To rethink our relationship with nature in all its manifestations, while promoting the well-being of participants, sequences of postures, or âsana, have been specially designed for the MEG by Michelle Kamerzin (Yoga Lab).

Four dates are proposed from May to August. Each of these sessions is unique, tackles an original theme and takes place in a different space of the Museum: exploration of fluid movements in front of Ange Leccia's work "Mer", a 17-metre long wave that reminds us of the interdependence of the living and the non-living. A special blindfolded session will take place in the MEG Foyer. Another meeting will take place in the Garden for a session with vegetation. The session in the temporary exhibition "Environmental Injustice - Indigenous Alternatives" will be an opportunity to explore the cycles of life and the importance of care.
The session is set to the rhythm of a selection of meditative music chosen from the MEG's Archives internationales de musique populaire (AIMP).

This last session is physical, cyclical and sonorous. We will practice individual postures, then in pairs and also in groups. The practice will then be wrapped in a chant that explores "OM" and will end with a sound bath.

No prior knowledge or practice of yoga is required.
Comfortable indoor clothing/yoga wear is highly recommended.

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