Fête de la Danse "Iyagbon's Mirror" A Walkabout Performance

To celebrate the Fête de la Danse 2022, the MEG is hosting Iyagbon's Mirror, a major performance that combines theatre, music and dance.

Created by the Compagnie Onyrikon and the Nigerian sculptor Samson Ogiamien around African heritage, the poetic show Iyagbon's Mirror will take over the MEG's permanent exhibition.

Tuesday 10 May, 07:45PM
Wednesday 11 May, 07:45PM
Please book at least 24 hours before the event at resa.geneve@fetedeladanse.ch (limited number of participants)
The walking show starts at MEG and ends in the Jonction district at 09:30PM.
Bring shoes and comfortable clothes for a night walk.
The MEG's dressing rooms are closed.
The show is filmed.

Created by the Onyrikon Company and Nigerian sculptor Samson Ogiamien as "a mirror game of cultures, between art market and animist ritual, between possessing and being possessed", this promenade theater performance begins in the Africa gallery of the MEG's permanent exhibition.

It all starts with the mysterious Iyagbon's mask, a creation by Ogiamien with the Royal Bronze-casting Guild of Benin City in Nigeria. The audience is invited to follow this bronze giant mask, its procession from the MEG to a secret site where a sacred ritual takes place, as an attempt to generate an ephemeral community around an artistic-magical object.

As part of its 2020-2024 strategic plan, MEG is pursuing its programme of decolonisation of the collections by hosting Iyagbon's Mirror, a powerful poetic voice that engages with the provenance of the African collections and their status as "museumized" objects.

  • Artistic direction and direction: Juri Cainero
  • Artistic direction and choreography: Beatriz Navarro
  • Artistic direction and sculpture: Samson Ogiamien
  • Internship manager: Bianco Daniele
  • Director-x-s : Valentin Benoit; Juri Cainero; Neda Cainero; Marco Chaigneau; Victor Coste; Beatriz Navarro; Estelle N'Tsendé; Eva Poussel; Florent Thiollier; Alexia Vidal; Javier Riveros
  • Special Guest [percussionist]: Mbar Ndiaye
  • Chorus and dance: Edo Cultural Art Forum with Amowie Austin John; Jeffrey Aghahuwa; Michael Imhansuomon; Evans Eguagie Osazee.
  • Set design: Lucia Soldati and Mauro Bessler
  • Music and arrangement: Neda Cainero and Juri Cainero
  • Light design and implementation: Chloélie Cholot-Louis and Camille Mauplot
  • Production: Associazione Firàpul, Associazione Favilla, Verein Yaruya
  • Production managers: Nyan Storey ; Irene Lunghi ; Jonas Lendenmann
  • Co-production : LaStrada Festival
  • Partners : Fête de la Danse; Université Ouvrière de Genève; Jardins de la Jonction; Forum Pointe de la Jonction; Ateliers d'Ethnomusicologie [ADEM]; Terrain d'Aventures

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Tuesday 10 May, 07:45PM
Wednesday 11 May, 07:45PM

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