What is Research at MEG ?

It means identifying, documenting, biographing and reanimating MEG's tangible and intangible collections.
Optimizing accessibility to the collections for all is at the heart of our work.

In a spirit of sharing with our publics, today we seek to :

  • criticize the historical provenance of the collections for an assumed transparency of the inventories,
  • adopt and develop new theoretical approaches to the status of the object,
  • connect the collections with their source communities,
  • inspire creation by welcoming artists to the museum,
  • support advanced and collaborative research with external partners.
recherche meg 01

Investigating and communicating provenances

It is to guarantee the impartiality and transparency of the MEG inventories, by identifying the historical provenances and the critical analysis of acquisitions characterized by the asymmetry and violence of the relationship between the acquirer and the initial owner (individual or community) of an object or a collection of objects. It also means questioning the proven or presumed illicit provenance of an object or group of objects in order to better inform their traditional owners.

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Reanimating objects

It means putting objects from the MEG collection back into use or circulation, by taking a critical view of the principles that guide or have guided the treatment of collections and by proposing that handling and touch can be factors in the "care" of objects, in the same way as preventive conservation.

recherche meg 03

Reconnecting sources communities with collections

It means promoting virtual and physical access to objects and their documentation, facilitating discussion on possible restitution requests and integrating communities of origin in the MEG decision-making process regarding the representation of their cultures. It also means listening to the claims of populations or individuals who may benefit culturally or emotionally from access to the collections.

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Inspiring creation

MEG is seen as a source of inspiration for designers and artists who rely on the collections to study technical know-how, design original works or replicas. It is to offer the opportunity to create a link between MEG and its publics through mediation activities.

recherche meg 05

Supporting advanced research at the museum

It allows researchers to submit collaborative projects on themes related to the museum's vision and missions. It means inviting external partners to take into account the collections and activities of the MEG in their scientific research.