Environmental Injustice - Indigenous Peoples’ Alternatives. Booklet

Booklet of the exhibition Environmental Injustice - Indigenous Peoples’ Alternatives

Environmental Injustice - Indigenous Peoples’ Alternatives

Booklet of the exhibition

© MEG, 2021

78 pages

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In the exhibition "Environmental Injustice - Indigenous Peoples' Alternatives", MEG addresses the theme of the climate emergency, one of the major issues of our time. of our time. The exhibition presents the perspectives, knowledge and know-how of indigenous peoples to cope with the degradation of their territories accelerated by climate change. The exhibition presents the way in which these communities respond to these challenges through an ethic of care and a culture of repair. It is a space to listen to the voices of indigenous peoples and to weave a common future with them. A future based on the values of care, protection, repair, respect and responsibility for our environment.