Sunday film: Guardians of the forest. Time for solutions

Sunday 21 April, 16:00

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Identity, gender and sustainability: a series of films tackling three important and topical social issues. Auditorium. Sunday 21 April 2024 from 4pm to 6.30pm.

The MEG's ciné-dimanches continue for another season, focusing on three essential and topical themes: identity, gender and sustainability. Documentary, fiction and animated films addressing these themes are screened free of charge in the Museum's Auditorium on several Sundays each month.

The film Gardiens de la forêt, le temps des solutions will be screened at the MEG as part of a day of encounters with the film's protagonist Mundiya Kepanga and director Marc Dozier.

Born in the heart of the forest of Papua New Guinea, Mundiya Kepanga is a Papuan chief of the Huli tribe who has become an internationally renowned defender of primary forests. After years of fighting deforestation, as demonstrated by his first documentary, "Brothers of the Trees", which won more than 15 international awards, Mundiya is delighted that a new government is aiming to make his country a world example of sustainable forest management. Enthusiastic about the idea that the time for solutions has finally come, Mundiya Kepanga set off on a journey across Papua to discover the projects that are helping to protect forests according to their geography and ecosystem. At the end of his journey, Mundiya Kepanga will share with his community the alternatives to deforestation that he has discovered, and hopes to play a concrete part in this small green revolution so that it bears fruit.

Following the film, there will be a meeting with the protagonist Mundiya Kepanga and the director Marc Dozier.


Mundiya Kepanga: Traditional chief of the Huli tribe in Papua New Guinea, Mundiya Kepanga is an environmental activist committed to protecting primary forests. He has spoken on numerous occasions at international conferences in France (COP21, UNESCO, etc.) and the UK (GEM Report), as well as in the United States, Brazil and Egypt. Through his speeches, he invites us to reflect on how we view nature, indigenous peoples and ourselves. He has won two Greenpeace awards for the documentary Frères des arbres (Brothers of the Trees), which retraces his commitment to dialogue between cultures, and has donated his four sacred initiation ornaments to four major museums in France and Switzerland. He is also involved in concrete projects to protect the planet, and has initiated eco-development programmes such as the creation of a bed and breakfast, an essential source of income for his entire village. Today, he is a voice for indigenous peoples and an observer of the world he comments on in a very personal way.

Translation: Marc Dozier, photographer, filmmaker and fixer, devotes most of his work to Papua New Guinea. His work has led to the publication of numerous books and the production of documentaries.

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Marc Dozier & Mundiya Kepanga

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