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Ascension 2022
La Bibliothèque Marie Madeleine
Lancoux sera fermée le jeudi 26 mai.
Réouverture le vendredi
27 mai à 11h

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The documentary offer of the MEG Library is available on swisscovery Ville de Genève
This new, modernized catalog provides access to the collections of nearly 500 scientific libraries in Switzerland, representing more than 30 million works.
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Practical informations

Tuesday to Friday
from 11:00 to 18:00
except holidays

2nd floor

Accessible to persons with reduced mobility except mezzanines

The MEG Library - Bibliothèque Marie Madeleine Lancoux - offers a specialized collection in social and cultural anthropology.

It is devoted to societies on five continents and is complemented by the Georges Amoudruz collection dedicated to the Alpine arc and the Rhone valley furrow. The Library also conserves the books of the Swiss Society of Americanists (SSA). In addition, the MEG Library cultivates numerous exchanges with partner institutions. Approximately 60,850 documents and 1,500 periodical titles, 220 of which are currently subscribed, are open to the public.

The MEG Library also offers multimedia materials related to the Museum's collection - such as DVDs, CDs, comic strips and children's books.