BASKETRY WORKSHOP 1 : Gather and observe

Saturday 4 February, 10:30

Arbre dans la nature avec des branches jaunes qui ressortent.

Workshop and outdoor walk by Nathan Willerval, artist, in collaboration with the MEG. Saturday 4 February. From 10:30 am to 12:00 am and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Experimenting with basketry and plants that grow near you? These workshops offer the opportunity to discover plants that are suitable for the creation of basketry objects and to learn a manufacturing technique by observing and being inspired by a selection of objects from the MEG collections.

Gather, observe: from the MEG collections to plants in their environment

From being inspired by a selection of basketry objects of the MEG's collections, this first workshop invites you to take advantage of some time outdoors to observe and collect plants that are suitable for weaving.
In a first instance, the workshop is dedicated to the discovery of a selection of basketry objects from the MEG's European collections. Between observation and discussion, these objects are approached through their use and manufacturing technique as much as through the plant materials with which they are made.
The second part of the workshop takes you on an outdoor walk to observe and collect plants suitable for basketry. With plants that grow in urban areas as well as in forests and roadsides, our environment offers a great diversity of vegetable fibers. An invitation to look differently at familiar and everyday spaces.
Nathan Willerval, visual artist. In his artistic work, he approaches weaving in an instinctive way.
Federica Tamarozzi: curator in charge of the MEG's European collections.

Notes: This workshop has been designed in conjunction with the workshop Assemble, weave: experiment basketry at the Museum on 4 and 11 March 2023. It is however possible to register for this workshop only.

No prerequisites necessary, besides the desire and pleasure of experimenting.

For this workshop, which takes place mostly outdoors, please dress warmly (or according to the weather of the day). The workshop takes place in all weathers.

Date de dernière mise à jour de l'événement 02.02.2023

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