Disguised in water

Friday 27 October 2023, 19:00

Mayara Yamada se versant un seau d'eau sur la tête

Performance by Mayara Yamada, in collaboration with l'Abri. MEG foyer. Friday 27 October at 7pm.

Mayara Yamada grew up in the Amazon, in a region where water is omnipresent. Her company has infiltrated all areas of life and belief in a relationship as porous as it is beneficial to the moisture of souls and bodies.

In her performance "Déguisée d'eau" (Disguised in Water), the artist uses gestures and stories to recall her arrival in Europe four years ago and the various rituals she has had to perform to cultivate her bond with water. To water her inner earth, to warm herself, to enjoy and to cry.

Disguising water as a multitude of requests and offerings to water, to experience reciprocity and complexity, to seek out the sources of fresh water in the sea and learn to navigate with joy.

Please arrive at the museum reception desk no later than 10 minutes before the start of the performance.

Performance starts: 7pm
Length: 30 mins

Artist :

Mayara Yamada : Mayara Yamada is an artist, performer and DJ from the Brazilian Amazon. She recently completed a Master's degree in Visual Arts at ECAL (Lausanne), after training as an actress at Casa de Artes das Laranjeiras and studying Theatre Aesthetics and Theory at Unirio (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro). Her performance work uses autobiography as a way of questioning her relationship with the body (Arma Biológica, 2017; ÉGUX!), memory (Mundiada, 2018), territory (Drapeada, 2018-20), eroticism (Amarraçao, 2021) and rituals (Caudalosa, 2015-19; déguiser d'eau, 2019). We might also encounter Marara Kelly: an enchanted being or parallel identity who navigates the world of celebration and pleasure, invoking our childhood dreams. Drawing on the graphic and musical references of northern Brazil, such as technobrega, she mixes audiovisual media. The transpositions that result from her research and her body in transit are at the heart of her work. She is currently developing the Marara Kelly Art Show series, a personal mythology whose first chapters she presented at the les Urbaines festival and as part of Lemaniana in 2021. In the sequel to this series, we may finally hear her sing.

Performance, text: Mayara Yamada
Artistic collaboration: Alice Oechslin, Mai Ito Delhomme
Coproductions: L'Abri Genève, Belluard Bollwerk
Produced thanks to a grant from the Canton of Fribourg to promote culture.

In collaboration with l'Abri.
Text by Laurence Wagner.

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