MEG and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals


MEG Garden

March 2 to June 30, 2023

In the MEG Garden, inclusive posters illustrate the commitment of the City of Geneva and MEG to meet the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The posters are written in simplified language, easy-to-read and understand French (FALC).

ONU Genève

In collaboration with

the Perception Change Project

of the UN Geneva

This text is written in FALC.

What is FALC?

It's French that is easy to read

and Understand.

It is written simply.

Everyone can understand FALC.

Everyone is welcome at MEG.

Climate change is a scary issue.

So the UN has given 17 Sustainable Development Goals

of sustainable development.

The MEG exhibition explains

what sustainable development is.

It's like an instruction manual

to help the planet and all living beings.

The City of Geneva and the MEG

also want to do everything to help the planet.

The MEG exhibition shows

how this is possible.

The MEG exhibition shows

that everyone can do something

to help the planet.

20 posters, including 17 for each of the sustainable development goals defined by the UN, make up the itinerary to be discovered in the MEG Garden. The first two panels explain what the Sustainable Development Goals represent in terms of climate, environment, equality, justice or prosperity. The other posters each describe one of the 17 goals that form the cornerstone of the UN's 2030 Agenda.

The first, "No Poverty", summarizes the desire to eradicate poverty in the world by 2030. Below the images, the text is divided into three parts: "Today in the world", then "What can you do?", and finally "What is MEG doing?

To be accessible to the greatest number of people, the language of the posters is clear and direct. The texts have been written in FALC, a simplified language that is easy to read and understand by everyone, from those who have only the basics of French to those who are not familiar with the concepts presented. The typography, colors and contrasts also make the posters easy and comfortable to read.

The exhibition, an example of didactics, is supported by the UN, and reveals in a simple way what the UN's sustainable objectives are, as well as the quality of the work done by MEG in the field of sustainability. This work was rewarded at the beginning of the year with the gold medal of the THQSE label (Very High Quality Social-Sanitary-Environmental), making MEG the first museum in Europe to receive this label.